Web application progress is the formation of application programs that consist of remote servers and delivered to the user’s device over the Internet. Front-end development for web applications is proficient through client-side programming. Client specifies to a computer application such as a web browser.

  • PHP Development
  • UI/UX Development
  • HTML5 Development
  • Open-Source Development
  • Ruby on Rails Development
  • Ajax Development
  • Node JS Development
  • ExpressJS Development

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Development Services:

We provide unique and secure web application development solutions matching with client business strategies and requirements. Focused on the collaborative approach, our team comprehend client needs to deliver business value. we draw our experience in web development helps to implement integrated systems and processes.

CAFS Infotech authorizes superior control and perceptible into web development project by strategically combining perfect project development techniques with robust project management tools and domain expertise to deliver end-to-end web development solutions.

We recognize all process for Web Development including perfect plan, research, creative design, coding, testing and training to the end user. Our team is concentrating on design and development both simultaneously and alert for website performance in the business of web world. 

PHP Development

CAFS Infotech is the best PHP development company for building dynamic, database-driven and high-performance enterprise web systems. With our competence and experience, we have built online business applications, e-commerce systems, content management systems or back-end systems for data management process. We make perfect methodologies and leverage a wide range of PHP frameworks and databases to build enterprise applications.

HTML5 Development

HTML5 development services and delivering secure, sustainable and cross-platform web solutions for enterprise belonging to different industry verticals. We influence the best and latest HTML5 tools and frameworks like SproutCore, EmberJS, AngularJS, and PhoneGap to build some of the most creative and innovative HTML5-based solutions compatible with different platforms and devices.

Open-Source Development:

We can frame custom Open Source applications to your specifications with affordable pricing. Our Open Source development services can help better functional excellence, accelerate growth, and reduce costs. We are backed by proficient developers with in-depth knowledge in the latest Open Source development practices.

Ruby on Rails Development:

Ruby on Rails development building enterprise apps that execute complex distributed business processes and transactions. We are experts in utilizing activity of Ruby to implement complex features with minimal coding and higher precision. We influence Ruby’s extensible tool-chain to build extensible applications. Implementing custom APIs and third-party integrations, we use RoR development to build unique industry-specific applications.

Ajax Development

We are specializing in building rich internet applications and highly interactive, user-friendly interfaces. We have an advantage in the AJAX technology to transfer data with a server and update parts of a web page without reloading the entire page. Our developer’s team have the expertise and experience in building fast and dynamic enterprise solutions using AJAX technology. We manage test-driven environments to convey the best AJAX solutions.

ExpressJS Development:

We specialize in ExpressJS development for building lightweight, interactive and real-time enterprise applications. We are a leading ExpressJS development that builds a strong JavaScript-based backend and frontend system along with REST API. With backed experience in ExpressJS, we build complex applications expressly customized with business requirements. We have established expertise in developing solutions for e-commerce and CRM using Express and Node.js.

UI/UX Development:

We are specializing in creating interactive UI/UX designs that meet our client’s vision and goals. To delivering exceptional UX goes beyond being user-centered, it is mainly about content-centric. Our team of design strategists, information architects, visual designers, and content strategists view at the larger pattern of touch points with congregation to craft innovative design experiences.

Node JS Development:

Current technology promotions are driven towards unifying the web application development world around a single programming language that is ‘JavaScript’. We handle high-speed data and enhance data transfer and retrieval performance through innovative enterprise web solutions. We have an advantage with the strength of Node.js to build high performing real-time web applications.