Tour operator software that takes care of all the business requirements of travel agencies with its incredible and convenient features. Travel software solutions help to retain constancy of all data through back-office processes international travel and tourism industry along with the Management agencies dynamic packaging complete travel solutions. Travel solution fulfill the requirements of Travel Vendors/Providers, Agents, Online Travel Portals, Aggregators and Consolidators.

When the client travel history is being saved in the profile. This software helps the tour operators to make reservations by entering the details of the customer. When the client initiates the payment, the tour operator can track the payment details and follow-up after the sales services. This feature really helps in improving the goodwill of the tour operator. It aids in organizing and managing the tour activities automatically.

  • Efficiently Manage Travel Products
    Add travel outputs such as accommodation, packages, entrance tickets, transfers, excursions, and other activities, etc...
  • Complete Tour Management
    Create tours and packages by connecting different travel components.
  • Fully Automated Service
    communication with your suppliers is fully automated and centralized from the first inquiry to the confirmation and payment.
  • Online Retail Booking
    Broadcast and trade your travel products online.

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  • Finances and Accounting
    Exhaustive management of your payable and receivable.
  • Online Partner Booking
    It allows your travel operator to book easier, download documents and amend/cancel reservations.
  • Track Business Capability with Insightful Reports
    clients and travel operator profitability, tour/package profitability, availability reports, supplier work reports, etc...

This software solution enables the tour operator to combine accommodation with transfers and flights to organize the package. It can also publish the tour packages of some agencies. This will help the tour operator to monitor the travel activities and have a path record of the buying history of the customer.

This travel software helps to combine all the travel entities like accommodation, transfers and bus/flight booking on a single platform. It can enhance the user experience thereby generating more leads to travel agencies. Delighted customers can give repeated business and hence increase the sales revenue of some companies.

Why ERP Plays Major Role in Tours and Travels Software

With the kind and number of tasks travel agencies have to manage, ERP software becomes inevitable for them with the following situations:

- Leads and opportunities

Tracking leads produce from different campaigns run by the company can be efficiently done. Further actions needed to convert those leads into opportunities like making calls, sending offer mailers and scheduling meetings can be carried out with ERP.

- Customer dealing

With an ERP the complete process of dealing with the customer becomes a much less complicated task. Using ERP to interact and deal with customers makes it easier for the Trip Advisor, as the system will take care of the pending payments, documents to be submitted, relevant updates and reminders.

- Designing and recording of travel products

Each tour devised in the travel agency can be easily saved, altered and used in the future as per the requirements. These products can be efficiently standardized and used for various distinct outlets of the agency without any conflict.

- Keeping the record of trip guides

All the trips are to be coordinated with the trip guides and they need to be sent regular updates and details about the same. This can be done simply using the Human Resource Management module of the ERP software. Record keeping of other employees can also be quickly done.

- Itinerary

Most travel agencies build an advanced itinerary or a master itinerary, depending on their work patterns. When a trip wants to be specially customized or modified, this itinerary can be easily referred and essential data extracted with ERP software.


Invoicing in a travel agency is rather critical because in most cases there are multiple travellers being paid for by one member. Thus, payment division for each of the travellers and storing details in the database for all and not just the one who is paying becomes easy with ERP.

- Budgeting

Each tour needs to well budget. An ERP Software will ensure that come up with the rightly estimated budget. It also incorporates the budget approved by the accounting department.

- FleetManagement

For a travel agency, fleet management is one of the most crucial tasks as this is what ensures a smooth journey for its customers. They need to make their vehicles are scheduled correctly for arrival and departure and the relevant staff is informed.

- Marketing Activity

In the cut-throat market of a travel agency, it is extremely important that they do marketing of their brand, offerings, and special services.

- Promotional Activities

No work leaves out promoting activities, especially if it is a B2C model. This case also includes all the promotional activities that can be tracked, regulated and studied for their ROI.

- DatabaseManagement

Continuously, for a travel agency, maintaining customer record, following up with them for reviews and informing them about future promotional offers depending on their choice and desire is a must. All of this can be easily taken care of with ERP software.